Digital Twin for Digital Lean

Klemen Spruk

The Digital Twin for Digital Lean is a project that Iskraemeco, as the lead consortium partner, applied for in the Digital Transformation of Enterprises call for proposals launched by the Ministry of Economy, Tourism and Sport. Iskraemeco's most important partner, with whom they will work to establish the new business model, is ADD.

The project is part of the Recovery and Resilience Plan funded by the Recovery and Resilience Facility. The objective of the plan is to mitigate the economic and social impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and to ensure that the economy and society are more sustainable, resilient and better prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the green and digital transition.

In an increasingly connected world, businesses need much more than smarter meters - they need experienced, dedicated companies that can help them manage data and data flows. With its solutions, Iskraemeco aims to continue to build on its global sustainability policies and deliver on its sustainability strategy, offering its customers integrated energy and water solutions, expertise in the Internet of Things (IoT) and digitisation of data flows.

Based on the principles of IoT, data lakes and smart cities, digitised solutions provide businesses with the data they need to manage energy use and optimise costs, and help consumers to behave more sustainably and thus significantly reduce their energy bills.

As part of the consortium's digital transformation project, eight advanced digital technologies will be introduced into Iskraemeco and will be intertwined with each other:

  • Robotics and Process Automation,
  • Internet of Things,
  • Artificial Intelligence to transform decision-making systems,
  • Blockchain/distributed records technologies,
  • Digital twins (manufacturing and knowledge),
  • Big Data,
  • AR/VR,
  • 3D printing.

With the development of the digital twin, Iskraemec will be able to monitor the business impact of the digital transformation based on the results measured by LEAN parameters. The main benefit of the project is to improve both Iskraemeco's internal and external processes along the entire chain (supplier - Iskraemeco - customer). Together with a consortium technology partner, this will be built on into a new business model and new XaaS (Anything as a Service) services, creating a digital twin platform, smart analytics for artificial intelligence and data visualisation, mostly based on IoT data capture.

The investment is part of the actions of the Slovenian Roadmap, funded by the Recovery and Resilience Facility.

Project duration - 4/2022 - 3/2024

Total project value - € 5.420.000

Co-financing value - € 1,660,000

Invitation to the press conference

The consortium partners' coordination meeting will be followed by a short press conference, where company representatives, together with the relevant implementing or delivery body, the coordinating body and the EC Representation in Slovenia, will present the strategy of the DT4DL development project in more detail. The press conference will take place on Tuesday 17 January at 11.05 at the Iskraemec premises.

Please confirm your attendance by 12 noon on Thursday, 12 January 2022.

About Iskraemeco

For more than seven decades, Iskraemeco has been providing quality products, solutions and comprehensive services that enable the efficient use of water and energy. We focus on technologies and concepts to drive the development of new innovative products, solutions and services needed to modernise the grid and manage water, and to help our customers on their digital transformation journey.

We provide our customers with all the tools they need to effectively manage consumption, forecast demand and optimise costs. We also help consumers to act more sustainably.

Iskraemeco is a global company with a presence in many countries around the world. In 2007, it joined the Elsewedy Electric Group, providing a valuable business partner and opportunities for growth and development.

For more information about Iskraemeco, please visit

Our Partners

Contact for the media


Smilja Dolgan Paternoster

Iskraemeco on the DT4DL project:

"The project will address internal and external processes as well as customers, as it will reduce time wastage and errors in the order processing phase, and customers will have a clearer overview of their order status in real time. Advanced decision systems will make the process more cost-effective, resulting in cost optimisation."

For more information about the company, visit

Media contact: Smilja Dolgan Paternoster,

GL Charge on the DT4DL project:

"Our mission is to provide innovative, reliable charging solutions for electric vehicles, while ensuring the best possible experience for users of our products in their transition to e-mobility. We use state-of-the-art technology and innovation to build high-quality electric vehicle chargers to help charge the way to a sustainable future. The project will allow us to work outside our own box and, as a result, provide a higher level of competence in product development and manufacturing."

For more information about the company, visit

Media contact: Aleš Dolinšek,

AAD on the DT4DL project:

"ADD's strategy is to be a boutique but technologically advanced company specialising in the areas of data integration, storage, analysis and protection. In order to build on our company strategy, it is crucial to find sources of funding for development, as this can accelerate the digitalisation not only of our company but of a wider part of the economy, as our solutions are available for a variety of industries. ADD has been working with Iskraemeco for several years and together we have many synergies and experience of working together. We chose to participate in the consortium because it provides us with competent partners, capabilities and opportunities for further development of both the lead partner and our company."

For more information, please visit or Linkedin.

Media contact: Taja Šerjak,

Iskra AMS on the DT4DL project:

"Iskra AMS is a quality manufacturer of measuring equipment, assembly lines, automated hardware and a provider of maintenance, relocation and installation services for industrial equipment. By joining the project, we will gain additional skills and significantly raise the level of digital culture in the company."

For more information about the company, visit

Media contact: Ferdinand Žefran,

About the DT4DL project:

"The 3 Project Company is focused on increasing productivity and efficiency in manufacturing and logistics. The company has its own patented methodology and 5∆ application solution, which focuses on identifying activities that do not add value and then, through joint activities, regulating the process. The application solution is based on xls. The project will develop a cloud-based solution that will enable 3 Projekt to deliver its services at a significantly higher level, while the application will also be handed over to Iskraemeco for permanent use."

For more information about the company, please visit

Press contact: Igor Žula,

Q-Mins on the DT4DL project:

"The company's mission is to sustainably ensure economically efficient production and responsibly deliver quality products tailored to the customer's needs. We are developing comprehensive solutions in the field of 3D prototype printing, strengthening long-term partnerships and integrating into the circular economy. This project will also benefit from more efficient data exchange for more optimal procurement and supply planning."

For more information about the company, please visit:

Media contact: Matej Ribič

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